One failure, two successes

by | May 22, 2013 | Uncategorized

Daily Prompt: Goals.

I opened this blog a month ago trying to tell good news to the world in this time of crisis and I didn’t find anything yet. So a big failure. Maybe I’m depressed, maybe there is too much work because I have too other blogs that are going pretty well: in which I post comments about world news, my expertise in Journalism; and fromfivetofifty, a more literary one about my memories.

In I write for people interested in what’s going on around the world so convulsed today. I’m interested in human rights and mostly I offer my opinion on the big news or not so big but interesting news that sometimes go unnoticed. I began to write sporadically and now I write almost every day so I’m satisfied.

From five to fifty is another story. This is a space for me. My goal is to enjoy writing. And I’m so glad I have already followers who like my posts!


What do you think?

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