Would you marry me?


It was one of my bad days. Deep in depression. I had fought against myself to get up, to eat something and face another long, difficult day working. I was in San Francisco, CA. The weather was beautiful, sunny. No fog. The city splendid. My face dark and sad, but I couldn’t change it, didn’t care. I was really down.

I forced me and went out to buy the morning papers. I said hello very politely to the rabbi from a nearby synagogue, to a neighbor and to a friend. Nobody noticed my bad situation, or at least nobody said a word or asked me about it. I was sure I was doing a very good job concealing it.

Then I turned the corner and I saw two homeless sitting on the floor begging: one black, one white. As I was passing by, the black one told me:

– Smile, sister! Don’t be so sad. Life is beautiful!

So my face betrayed me and he, of all people noticed and decided to said something about it.

The other one stopped shaking his can of coins and said

– Would you marry me?
– You can’t marry her, you’ll should have to work! , said the other.
– You’re right. I can’t do that

By then I was laughing

– You see? Now that you’re smiling you look beautiful, said the black man

I followed my way to my errands with my first smile after days and days of crying. When I was on my way back I gave them enough change to have some breakfast.

That evening I went out again and I found the two homeless still at the same spot. When I arrived the one who in the morning wanted to marry me didn’t recognize me at all. Just shook the can. The other one did it. He said to his companion:
– No, stop it. This is the lady that gave us this morning for breakfast.

And then to me:

– God bless you, and remember, keep smiling!

Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness.

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