Too much pain, too many tears


When I read today’s prompt my first reaction was don’t participate. I’m not in the mood. Today a good friend of mine has died. The first thing I thought was if I were immortal I would be saying good-by to my family members and friends constantly and that would be too much suffering to bear for me. Too much pain, too many tears for an eternity. Unless everybody I love were immortal too. But then we wouldn’t have enough room on this earth.

I believe we are immortal, our souls are immortal, and when we die, if our lives have been honest, our souls go to a better place, close to God, where there are not sad farewells but only happy welcomes with people we love.

PS: forgive me to go so transcendental, but under today’s circumstances…

Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal.

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18 thoughts on “Too much pain, too many tears

  1. Iam Who Iam says:

    I’m glad you participated even though you weren’t in the mood. Sorry about your friend. As many people as their are on this planet, I HAVE noticed that the balance of the universe DOES shift ever so slightly with the passing of certain souls. Both a blessing and a curse for those of us left behind. While our balance may never be fully restored, also will we never again be who we were before that person passed through our lives and left a little piece of him or her-self behind for all eternity.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      You’re absolutely right. Thank you.

  2. mgadelmawla says:

    Sorry for your loss
    Good bless you and bless the family

      1. mgadelmawla says:

        Sorry for the error

        God bless you and bless the family

  3. Borneo Pulse says:

    Another sombre mood; I’ve been quite a religious guy ever since I was a kid but after my long travel I realised all religions started with ‘similar pattern’. How they survived yesterday and how they prepare for today and tomorrow. I would now take standstill approach not to behave like mad man, religion is after all for the good of mankind and most important of all, God gives the capacity to decide..

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      God gives us the capacity to decide… What a big and important true and how important is to decide carefully!


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