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Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. 

– What are you reading about?

– Russia just granted Snowden one year asylum. He already left the airport.

– Good. Now he can sell all his secrets to that big democrat: Vladimir Putin.

– Don’t be so harsh on him, he certainly couldn’t go back home after what he did. But thanks him we know how the US Government was spying on us. Did you read about the XKeyscore program, that apparently gives NSA analysts access to virtually any Internet browsing activity around the world?

– It wasn’t called Prism?

– No. This is a new one. Well, a new known one, again published by The Guardian apparently from Snowden data.

– I don’t like the US Government spying on us, but I think Snowden is a traitor and he has gone where US traitors used to go back in the Cold War times: to Moscow. Not precisely a land of liberties with Putin there.

– But without him talking about this surveillance programs we wouldn’t know about  Prism, XKeyscore and the potential abuses it can happen with that programs. And then, now the image is that the US is the country spying on its own people and on the whole world, while Russia is protecting the whistleblower, the land of liberty for him.

– Let’s see what Snowden thinks about liberties after a year in Russia.

– You know? I’m so tired about this whole thing! Prism, Xkeyscore… I don’t mind the names, I don’t mind the millions of data surveyed. I’m overwhelmed about the whole thing. I have nothing to hide. I’ll continue to live as before all this happened.

– Me to. But remember, I’m a foreigner and I’m blogging this conversation, so let’s go to a safer field to save time to our friends at NSA: Did you watch the Swimming World Championships in Barcelona? There were guys diving from a 88.5 feet high platform. Spectacular.

– I heard a Mexican guy won

– No. The Colombian guy, Orlando Duque, won. The Mexican was third.

Daily Prompt: A House Divided.

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