I really don’t care

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Right now I really don’t care. I’m so tired! I can’t even bear the burden to choose every day what to wear. I pick just what I think would be comfortable or what is easy to find in my closet. Some would say I have a sporting, easy-going style. I’ll say I have no style at all. I’m just overwhelmed. Too much effort spent to get up an begin to live to worry about clothing and style. I feel miserable. I don’t need clothing to tell me about my depressing feelings.

Dressing like a princess won’t change it a bit how I feel. Maybe I would feel worst because of the contrast between the festive appearance and my sad state of mind. It happened to me more than once when I had to go to some public celebration. Pretending you’re in a mood to celebrate something! Pretending is the worst you can do. It’s so stressful! A sure recipe for disaster.

So I end wearing what I have at hand among things chosen to please my loved ones, because this is something I want to do. I don’t have to pretend doing that. Not a very good show of personality, I have to admit.  But as I said I really don’t care. I have enough gathering strength to get up and begin living each day without letting my loved ones down.

Maybe I’m wrong. Psychologists say if you look good you’ll feel better. My experience is when I’m down nothing can fix it. A festive clothing and a careful make up makes me feel in disguise, miserable. But then, you cannot abandon yourself totally. You have to struggle to keep living to please your loved ones, to give them back the love they gave you. Don’t worry them without need. I have to take care of my aged and sick mom and she loves to see looking good. And she knows about dressing believe me!  Because she doesn’t complain any more I guess I finally found a practical – neutral style at least or she understood I can’t do any better.

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.

Author: Olga Brajnović

Journalist and writer. I've worked for 26 years in a newspaper in Spain. I worked for two years as a stringer and correspondent in the US and went as a special envoy to other places like the Balkans. Author of a biography. Sea lover. Avid reader. Classic Music enthusiast.

16 thoughts on “I really don’t care

  1. sueannporter1 says:

    I totally agree, when I don’t feel good, putting on fancy clothes just makes it more painful! The contrast is too great.

        1. Olga Brajnović says:

          thank you. Only one question. Now I’m concerned. Maybe I did something wrong when I changed the theme and I send all my old posts back to my followers. Is that what happened to you?

          1. Olga Brajnović says:

            Oh my! I sure did something wrong! what an embarrassment! Anyway. Thank you for your likes. I’m glad you like my posts. I’m fan of yours.

          2. znjavid says:

            I always enjoy the life experiences you write about. You really have had an interesting life.

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