TV Contests and Christmas

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

I don’t have kids but I have another treasure at home who needs to play. I’m taking care of my very old and paralysed mom and she likes TV contests, so I use to watch them with her. We play from home trying to answering to the questions faster than the contestants. For my mom is a good memory exercise, and we have fun doing it together. She loves crosswords but now she can’t write and these TV shows are a kind of substitution. She’s pretty good at it. better than me. If she was in good health and younger, she would make a good contestant and maybe win some money. We sometimes calculate how much we would win with our answers from home. A lot. A pity we don’t play for real.

I like to play with my computer. Try new (free) programs, or new themes for my blog, experimenting how it looks, only because I like to have something new and unknown to play with. I would like to have more time to spend doing this, but I haven’t.

When I’m desperate waiting at the doctor parlour and I’m so nervous I can’t read, then sometimes I play games with my phone. Dark Nebula, Solitaire, Mahjong…, anything that would make me forget where I am and why.

For Christmas we will have kids around. My nephew is coming from Madrid with his family (his wife and five small boys). They’ll receive  their presents on Christmas Eve and their laughers and playing with new toys will fill everything. And we will be enjoying every moment of it. A great playtime.

Daily Prompt: Playtime.
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