when the bodies hammered by raindrops …

Author: Olga Brajnović

Journalist and writer. I've worked for 26 years in a newspaper in Spain. I worked for two years as a stringer and correspondent in the US and went as a special envoy to other places like the Balkans. Author of a biography. Sea lover. Avid reader. Classic Music enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “when the bodies hammered by raindrops …

  1. Khana says:

    Sorry to do this to you again. I have just nominated your blog for The Liebster Award, which is an award that helps to draw attention to newer blogs with fewer than 200 followers. When I searched for blogs with less than 200 followers yours came up .It is an opportunity for those bloggers to make themselves & their blogs better known to the blogging community. You can find out more & read my nominations here …
    Please feel free to decline if you are too busy. I will, of course, be very happy if you accept, mainly because I’m dying to read your answers to the questions I’ve posed 🙂

  2. Olga Brajnović says:

    Dear Khana, I’m so grateful being nominated by you to the Liebster award. Thank you again. But I’m really busy because of family matters and I’m having trouble these days finding time to search blogs to nominate and fulfil the rules of the award. I guess I’m out of time to comply with the rules. I can always answer to your questions independently of the award if you’re interested in my answers. 🙂


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