When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

I boarded the train with my ticket for a long distance trip and I searched for my seat. It was occupied by a woman who claimed it was hers. I politely showed her my ticket to prove my right to that seat. She wasn’t very friendly. Refused to show me her ticket. She said something about rude young people. Everybody were looking at us and listening.

That was my seat according to my ticket and the car was full so I finally demanded her to show me her ticket. Then she, very angry with me, produced the ticket and I discovered that she was right! It was for the same seat! I got speechless. It must be a mistake, I said to her, and asked her to forgive me. I wanted to disappear. But I didn’t have where to go. The train was already speeding.

We waited for the ticket collector. Me, standing, holding my bags. She comfortably seated, still angry at me, mumbling things about how rude I was. Then an uneasy silence.

When the ticket collector arrived and checked our tickets, he discovered that mine was wrongly done. For some reason the ticket had the right day (july 15) but the wrong weekly day (wednesday instead of tuesday). I didn’t notice that when I purchased it. I had to retreat with my bags, embarrassed, while the woman was looking at me triumphant. I followed the ticket collector that found for me an uncomfortable seat in the baggage department, until one passenger left free a regular seat in the next stop.

What a trip!

Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red.
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10 thoughts on “The train

  1. MaggieMay says:

    Something similar to that happened to me – on a plane! I was wrong, but I ended up having to sit next to an grumpy old lady the entire flight! Awkward 1 h and 45 min I tell you!..
    And people say traveling is easy!


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