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What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?

I hate ironing. I’m not good at it. It’s difficult to me and the results are discouraging. I’m always fighting with the iron and the wrinkles and I finish exhausted. Besides there is no end to that task. I hate the shirts and the pants, so difficult to do it perfectly. They say I’m a little perfectionist. So I suffer with my bad ironing a lot.
I guess nobody likes some tasks, as cleaning bathrooms. I don’t like that. But I like the result. It compensates the effort. It’s very different doing that kind of things because they have to be done, than doing them because of love for the family. It’s great to have a clean and neat home. It makes easier to develop a happy family life. Material things are important. I’m not talking about having a lot of things, but about having a home where everybody can be at easy, and can rest from the daily troubles. I don’t know what I would do at home without my family. With them, all makes sense. Without them, I guess I would be a disaster at home.

Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately).


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