Sad city

Today my city is sad. Our local football club Osasuna descended to the second division. A big drama.

Besides during the last match, when the fans were celebrating the first goal of their team, they stormed the barrier, that didn’t resist  and tumbled to the ground leaving up to 60 injured. Luckily none of them serious. The match had to be suspended for half an hour. A disastrous day.

Osasuna finally won the match but the results of other matches between other teams  made that victory useless. The team ended in the third post at the end of the classification, which means an automatic descend to the second division.

For the fans and the city is a big blow. Now instead to play against the renown teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona,  the team will have to go to play against unknown teams. Less spectacle. Less fun. And also less revenues for the city.

People in the streets are sad and serious, discouraged. It’s a pity to see it.

.A Form of Flattery.


2 thoughts on “Sad city

  1. litadoolan says:

    Football breaks the heart! Such a universal passion. Hope your team finds an upward promotion soon.


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