Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it into a post somehow.

It is the last proof, and all is now only too clear. (The Lord of the rings J.R.R.Tolkien)

Mark rang the door bell of the apartment to check if Marisa, the petty drug dealer, was at home. She was in home confinement. She opened the door and didn’t let him enter. —

– Everything OK?

– Yeah. I’m home. That’s what you want to know right?

She seemed nervous.But she was always agitated.

The policeman looked inside and saw an unknown man holding her daughter who was crying.

– Who is he? where is your husband?

– My brother. My husband went out to buy diapers. Now leave me alone!

– Look, If you need help…

– I need nothing from you.

And she closed the door.

Mark was not convinced. The man holding the baby was suspicious and he had no information that Marisa had a brother in town. So he decided to stay around unnoticed, watching.

It was a cold and dark night.

Two hours after, he saw Joe, Marisa’s husband, with another unknown man exiting the building. So she had lied. Joe was at home when he asked for him. Why?

Joe was walking with unsteady steps and the other man was pushing him. Mark decided to follow them and called his partner for reinforcements. When the two men he was following passed under a street light he saw clearly Joe’s face wounded, swollen and bloody.

“It is the last proof, and all is now only too clear,” Mark thought.
He followed the suspicious men till they reached a pub. The owner was closing. He let them in.

Mark waited outside.

Tom, Mark’s partner, arrived with the reinforcements and they made a plan with two teams to enter simultaneously in the pub and in the apartment.

So they did.

In the pub the man who entered with Joe, fired a gun, but after a brief fight was arrested.

In the apartment the man who was holding the baby was taken by surprise, and both Marisa and her daughter were finally safe.

The two men were thugs working for big drug dealers who wanted to collect drug debt. Because Marisa had no money, they began to beat her husband untill he agreed to go to his friend’s pub with one of the thugs to get the money at gun’s point.

The police disrupted the plan.

I learned the story in the courtroom years ago.

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