I prefer a baguette

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

To begin with, I don’t even like sliced bread, I prefer a crusty baguette, freshly cooked, warm. I like to slice it and spread butter each morning for breakfast. yummy! I Make delicious sandwiches filled with cured ham, tomato and oil, or salami, or cheese,  and I take it to go with all kind of dishes and taste sauces.

On the other hand I was not familiar with the saying and discovered that means that “if someone or something is described as the best thing since sliced bread, people think they are extremely good, often better than they really are”.

Given the pessimism in which I’m living and that of the society of my country is difficult to find someone or something people think is extremely good. We are surrounded of negativity. All is bad. Nothing is working. Corruption is everywhere. I can’t think in this moment in a single thing that I consider fantastic, better than it is.

Usually we think that way about things we want and we can’t afford. In my case, a good digital camera with the latest technology  and good lenses to enjoy taking good photos.


Sliced Bread.


2 thoughts on “I prefer a baguette

  1. angloswiss says:

    I agree, so I dedicated my second time round prompt to the digi camera. I also agree to the baguette. I should avoid white bread (diabetes) but it makes it all the more fun I suppose.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      I’ve been dissapointed too many times. Sorry for this negative post. Be careful with your health.


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