Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at?

Yesterday I couldn’t participate in the daily prompt because I was at the physiotherapist, learning how to handle my mom, who is paralytic, without hurting her, and how to do some exercises to mobilise her limbs at home to avoid stiffening and deformities in her joints. I practised under the attentive eyes of the physiotherapist, a nice young woman, very strong, called Virginia. Everything she was doing seemed easy, but when was my turn, I found it difficult and physically hard. I’m used to move her from the bed to the wheelchair and so on. Now we have to do some gymnastics. The paralysed limbs are extremely heavy to mobilise them. The hands are lighter but more complicated. You have to work the wrist and then go finger by finger. I found particularly difficult the exercise to mobilise her shoulder, moving her arm in circular motions. I was afraid of hurting her. I certainly had not confidence in me. Virginia reassured me. She told me I was doing fine. Mom withstood everything without a complaint. But she is my mom and she thinks everything I do is good. I’m not so sure.

So here am I, learning a new thing and a delicate one, with unsure steps, but determined to do it because I want the best quality of life for my mom in her situation.

I Have Confidence in Me.


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