Land of Confusion

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Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

A year ago I already wrote about my problems learning to read and write when I was a little kid because of a kind of dyslexia and the fact that as an immigrant I went to school not knowing the language of the country where I was living. I guess now there are specialised support for those problems. Back then they simply thought that I was incredibly slow and probably stupid. I had to bear the jokes from the other kids and the scolding of my teachers. some of them thought I would never learn to read and write properly. My parents helped me to overcome all that. They convinced me that I was not stupid. That I could achieve whatever I’d intend. So I didn’t give up. Later I became an avid reader and a Journalist. My job was precisely write everyday about what was going on around me. And they say that I was good at it.
I was going to write this time about math. I love math. I enjoy solving problems. But we had terrible teachers. One of them was expelled from the school because of the punishments she used to impose. They were so bad, we ended hating math. In the opposite side of the spectrum was the art teacher who made us love history and art with her vast knowledge and her kindness.
Land of Confusion.



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