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Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you.

When my brother celebrated his first communion, some forty years ago, we had to rent his suit because we had no money to buy a new one. It was, as is traditional in Spain a sailor suit, all white with some trimmings in blue. After the ceremony we went all together to have a nice breakfast in a café close to the church with our friends. We ordered hot chocolate. Of course my brother ruined his suit with chocolate stains and my mom had to wash it before returning it to the store. But we had a wonderful day, playing and laughing all together. We used to go with my parents on Saturdays to another café called “Delights” where the hot chocolate was a speciality. I remember teaching to my younger sister her first words in Spanish there taking advantage of some decorations and drawings they had on the walls. I used to have strong migraines and my doctors said chocolate could be bad for my headaches. But I didn’t care. Mom used to make delicious chocolate cakes for feast days when we gathered  around the table and had the most fabulous get together. Hot chocolate and “churros” is a typical breakfast in San Fermin Fiesta after the running of the bulls. The chocolate scent brings me remembrances of feast days, of a happy childhood and of good friends. I like it.

Smell You Later.


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