Broken party

by | Jun 18, 2015 | daily prompt

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

The woman in red with the gold bracelet laughed at him openly when he begun to stutter trying to say some words to apologize after stumbling upon her. She was talking with a strange man with a rough face, who somehow seemed out-of-place there. Where was Evelyn? She said she would go to the party with him but did not show up.

The boss, a prominent lawyer who had political ambitions, had  invited all the big fishes of the city, and wanted all his staff there helping him with his guests. But Mark felt uneasy. He had no friends in that place, only difficult and annoying clients he had to please somehow. He was fed up of pretending. Being with Evelyn would be easier. She always would know what to say. She would know what to do with the mysterious man who was with that woman and obviously was not among the invited to the party. He looked for his boss to tell him about the strange in the party but he said not to bother him with a nonsense.

Mark decided to go out and have a walk. Maybe go home, since nobody was paying attention to him. The cold air of the night was refreshing and he felt better. His memory  also began to work faster and he remembered who the strange man was. He was about to return to the party with the news, when he saw her. Evelyn. With her fancy blue dress at the other side of the street, smiling and waiting. There were green lights for pedestrians, and Jim began to cross the street to meet her. Suddenly a noise made him turn his head. A car without lights was about to run him over. He saw the strange man behind the wheel and looked at Evelyn who kept smiling.


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