I’m for the new

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

Nothing rises my spirits more than play with a new gizmo or a new program. I love them. I love to have something new and discover how it works, learn new things. I’m lucky I don’t have money to spend in tech wonders nor time to play with them, because otherwise I would become a freaky. Instead I’m only a normal person, with a lot of wishes not accomplished. Besides, I don’t need to have all my equipment last-generation. Everything is working nicely.

So I’m all for new things and not going around felling sorry because we miss old technologies. We have museums and scholars for them. I do miss one thing: get handwritten letters in the post box. I love letters, rather than emails or whatsapps, and discover an envelope with something interesting inside (news from a family member or a friend, a post card) and not only bills and advertisements.

I also miss the characteristic noise of the newsroom when we all used typewriters to write the news. Would I go back to the typewriters? Of course not. But I already wrote about this issue last year, the first time this prompt was published.

Going Obsolete.

What do you think?

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