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He was four, restless, naughty. Had a powerful lungs and a loud voice and was always yelling and running around. No fragile things were safe with him around. The teachers at the kindergarten were desperate with him. A truly problematic kid.

His parents took him with them to a trip to visit his grandparents. Grandpa was very sick, in a wheelchair. He was an intellectual with a powerful mind now confined in an impaired body.

When he got to know his little grandson he said “this boy is gonna be a genius”.

He was the first one to predict a good future to him.

The kid was like mesmerised looking at his Grandpa and for once remained quiet.

Once the family went out for a walk and he insisted to try to push the wheelchair. He was so small he couldn’t possibly see where he was going, but had so much strength that he really pushed the chair and he almost crashed grandpa against a fountain. Everybody was running to stop him and avoid a catastrophe, but grandpa was laughing. He seemed to had a great time.

They had a special bond between them.

Sometimes the old man had cough attacks, pretty anguishing. Then the grandson would run to the kitchen to get a glass of fresh water and hurriedly offer it to his Grandpa.

You’ll feel better, You’ll see, the kid said while caressing him

Every time grandpa felt bad the little rascal was there. Not scared, or disgusted. Just ready with his super glass of water to ease the suffering of his beloved old man.

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