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I’m sort of handicapped. Because of a balance problem, I need to use a walker to go to the street. When I have to take the bus, it becomes a problem, because there is no place for me. All the seats are taken and I have to go to the places reserved for the baby strollers and the wheelchairs, and use my walker to sit down, but people look at me badly, as if I were committing an infraction. The worst are the women with baby strollers. They don’t have enough space. Only can fit four per bus. In the young neighbourhoods that’s a serious problem. So if I come to share the reserved space and they find all the sites occupied because of me, they are not happy at all. Besides, my walker is unsteady because its brakes are not very powerful, and I have to make a lot of strength with my arms grabbing the bars to keep it in place if the bus is crowded and I can’t reach the right place with security belts ready for people like me. Sometimes,  the driver is too abrupt in his of her manoeuvres And I have serious problems to don’t fall. So I prefer let pass the bus and go walking with my stroller little by little to my destination, even when is raining, despite I usually finish my outings completely soaked. My only chances total a bus with a reasonable comfort are late at night when there are only a few passengers and no problem to take a seat and fold my walker beside me in the empty aisle.

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