I regret having spent a lot of time working and not have had more quality time with my family.

My life has been marked by long days working until late at night as a reporter in the newsroom of a regional newspaper.

Too many hours hitting the streets looking for information and sitting in front of the typewriter trying to put together my stories when I was very young and later in front of the computer screen doing the same. Too much pressure. The technology changed, but the amount of work grew with the years until my body said it was enough and I fell seriously ill.

I experienced lots of adventures and excitement during my career, but I feel that I have lost many opportunities with the people I care about the most. And time never runs back.

My days at my job were over too soon and I found myself suddenly lost and unable to enjoy my free time. I fell into a deep depression. I was in need of the care of my loved ones. Thank God, I found it. Because they were so good. But It was sad not have been able to give more of myself to them when I was young and plenty of strength and energy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to dedicate myself to the care of my ill mom until she passed away. That was really fulfilling. At least I could give her back some of the love she poured all her life over me. I miss her very much every day, but I’m at peace.

When she died I began to write again. This year I have published a book about my parents’ extraordinary bio. It’s a story about war and love: a great love they lived despite the great difficulties they endured. I’m happy to have been able to do it to honor their memory.

Now I’m trying to enjoy every second I have with my loved ones. They never failed me when I was immersed in my job. I have a gratitude debt with them, and I’m determined to be there for them every day I’ll have ahead.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Regret

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