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It’s slowly invading my life. It’s hard to admit it. I can feel it in my bones. I can’t run, I can’t jump, I can’t walk without help, I even can’t sing, which is what I regret the most.

I used to be a good singer. I was a member of a small chamber choir specialized in antique music, but one of my vocal cords got paralyzed three years ago, and since then, my music faded.

I’m not so old. But the winter arrived too soon to my body, as this year happened with the weather in my city.

We were wearing t-shirts and sandals, with hot temperatures, and suddenly there was snow in the mountains and bitter cold in our streets. So, we found ourselves covered by coats, scarfs, gloves, and everything we could find to keep us warm.

Something like that is what my illness did to me. I was young and full of energy and life and suddenly: the paralyzing winter.

But I like to think that I keep the summer in my soul because I enjoy the little good things life brings me. I enjoy learning new things and practicing my hobbies and Above all, being with my family all the time I can. And I feel that I’m fortunate and happy.

Ragtag daily Prompt: Winter


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