Shut but remembered

by | Jan 10, 2020 | challenges, our life, photography

Last year was so good for me and so full of exceptional events for my family and me that it will remain open in my memory forever.

I already wrote about it in another post. We celebrated My dad’s hundred anniversary, and I published my first book.

I had lots of work to do and many events to attend all over the country. The media called me, and everything was exciting and new for me.

Now I’m a little lost. I feel like I’ve had been riding a swift horse, and suddenly we stop without warming. Something like an emptiness takes over me

What now? I have to face an average year. I have to find new projects to fill my time.

I want to learn new things to stimulate my creativity and continue writing. But I’m not sure I’ll be able to do so.

I think the will to learn is a sign of youth of spirit.

I don’t want to lose it no matter what.

Because I had the free time I didn’t last year, today I went out to take pictures. It was freezing. I went to the park near my house — the Viennese café was shut, waiting for warmer days, and the park desolated. A solitary man was walking trough, and the statues stood abandoned surrounded by naked trees.

The Viennese café shut on winter
A man walking in the park
The statue is seen through the branches of the naked trees


What do you think?

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