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by | Jan 26, 2020 | challenges, Nature, photography

My post today it’s gonna be a little foolish. I went with my camera out to the park, which spreads around the moats of the old fortified citadel of the city. Now, these moats are like a mini zoo with deer and all kinds of popular and strange birds. There are geese, swans, peacocks and others I can’t name because I don’t know a word about them. I like to take photos of animals. I can wait following them with my lens keeping them in focus until they do something interesting or are in the perfect pose to catch the moment. My dream is to do it in the wilderness. I need help to walk and I can’t drive so the closest I have done  in this field are pictures of bees, birds, or butterflies.

Today I was in the park and there was a peacock taking a walk very proudly. I waited for a display of his tail despite it was a very cold day. And I was not disappointed. Here is the gallery with the sequence of how he shows and folds his tail:

I found also some swans in movement

And the following are pictures from my archives that make me wait a lot to take them but I think the patience payed off.


What do you think?

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