A pleasant surprise

My family always had financial problems. We were immigrants. My father was a journalist and a teacher, so no significant income to feed a family of five children. I was good at music in school and began my studies on piano. I have to say that I was pretty good at it. I used to play and enjoy music very genuinely in my soul. But the financial situation was hard, and my parents were making many sacrifices for us. I began to work when I was 15 in different jobs to help at home. Not enough time for everything.

I had to choose. And I decided to help my family, finish high school, and find a job with which to pay for my studies. Later I became a Journalist and had a long career as a reporter and writer.

Recently a family friend died and left us as inheritance a piano. I tried to play something easy, but my hands were like paws. Clumsy and slow. What should I expect? I was no apt anymore.

Then it came the Coronavirus and months os confinement. I decided to give me another chance, and I took my book of Chopin’s Valses with which I had won an honor prize when I was 14.

Suddenly, the music began to flow from my fingers in perfect harmony. It was carved somewhere in my memory and just popped out. It was not perfect, but somehow it sounded good and made me feel the beauty of the sounds in that unique way only the player can explore, with all my body and my soul.

#FOWC: Apt

4 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise

  1. Fandango says:

    At least one good thing came from the pandemic — you rediscovered your piano playing skills.


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