I’m still afraid

I live in Spain, one of the countries worse hit by Covid19 in Europe. We are opening our businesses, shops, streets, parks, restaurants, and public transportation. Despite were not allowed to travel among regions inside the country, we are about to open our borders to tourists to avoid a tremendous bankruptcy because our economy depends on them. You know, Spain is different: the sun, beaches, “Viva la Vida”!

But I’m afraid it’s too soon and risky. Above all, to receive people from countries where the pandemic is not yet under total control.

I was happy when we were able to go out and leave home to meet my sister, who lives on the other side of the town. I followed the guidance about social distancing and hourly frames for different groups of ages to go out. Now we can leave our houses for a walk without restrictions and many shops and restaurants are open. Lucky people are back at work, but many have lost their jobs.

I have resumed my daily walks and my visits to my sister and friends. I have been two or three times on a terrace of a café enjoying their company in the open air. But I still wearing a mask, frequently washing my hands, taking all kinds of precautions when I’m going to the grocery store, and keeping social distance. I avoid public transportations when I can walk no matter the extra time it takes, and I definitely avoid the gym and the swimming pool because I’m not sure about what I can find in the locker rooms. I have bought a mat, and I’m exercising at home.

Something I miss is embracing and kiss the people I love. I’m looking forward to that moment when this pandemic really finishes. All the other stuff is secondary. Social distance with loved ones is difficult. There are many ways to express love, and we are found hundreds of them these last months—warm words, loving glances, tenderness. But I miss the way we were before this madness.

Fandango’s provocative question: Which pre-pandemic activities are you ready to resume (or have you already resumed)? Which, if any, pre-virus activities are you likely to continue to avoid?

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