Mark was hiking through a forest on a warm autumn morning when he heard a roar behind him. It was a bear ready to attack. He began to run, but the bear was faster than him, reached him, and struck him in the back. Just at that moment, a hunter shot resounded in the forest, and the bear fled, leaving Mark wounded in the ground.

He struggled to stand up and walk to find help. Some yards away, he found a cabin empty, unlocked, and entered. From the moment the bear had struck him, he had felt strange drowsiness, and when he entered the house, he fell to the ground fast asleep.

When he woke up, it was freezing. He couldn’t see anything through the frozen windows. He opened the door and saw a thick layer of snow and a white landscape. Months had passed. It was the end of winter. His wound had healed. He had lost weight, but he was alive.

He had hibernated like a bear.

Flash fiction for the purposeful practitioner 2020 week 49

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