Democracy at work

by | Jan 14, 2021 | challenges, Journalism, our life

I followed the House of Representatives’ debate to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the assault of the Capitol last week. I found it really interesting, not only because of the historical circumstances but also because of the debate itself.

I’m used to the political debates here in Spain, with a big congress full of representatives who never speak and only are present to vote what their party’s chairperson tells them to vote. And that, after long and boring speeches, nobody listens except when they end insulting their opponents and yelling at each other.

To see so many Congress members defending clearly their points in one minute or 30 seconds in an orderly way and referring to their constituencies’ will is really refreshing.

If what we saw last week was a heinous attack on Democracy, what I saw yesterday was instead Democracy at work.

FOWC: Instead


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