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Nobody deserves this—a jam when I can’t be late for my appointment.
My watch is telling me I won’t make it. The horns and the screams are piercing my ears. Why did I choose this damn street?
What time is it?
7:45. I have 15 minutes left.
Tom will not wait for me. He was adamant.
I try to calm down with loud music.
At least the nasty noises that make me nervous are mitigated now.
Suddenly I hear a loud bump in my car:
-“Roll down de window”!
Damn it! A police officer.
-What’s up? I say, trying to look calm
-You have a backlight broken.
-Oh! I didn’t notice! Are you going to fine me?
The bumping from my trunk intensified. Outside it was an uproar of horns and yelling. The police officer told me to replace the light as soon as possible and let me go. He didn’t notice.
A close call!. Susan, tied and gagged, continued to hit the trunk like crazy, trying to escape. I was the kidnapper. Tom the killer.
At least the agent didn’t find her.
-Hey, sir!
The police officer again.
-Something strange in your trunk. Can you open it?

FFftPP: week 16

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