Fear at the forest

by | Apr 26, 2021 | fiction, Nature

Photo by Harrison Haines at pixels.com

-This can’t be happening to us!
The car had stopped. We were in the middle of nowhere. A sea of trees surrounded us. No houses, no gas station. And we had no idea of what had happened to the engine. There was a thick cloud of smoke and a burned rubber smell. We only could wait for some other car and ask for help. But it was getting late, and the weather worsened. It began to snow. We decided to take turns to wait outside the car and see if somebody was approaching us.
It was already dark. I was outside and Rose inside the car when I heard a shot and then heavy steps crunching the leaves from inside the forest. I looked behind me and saw a tall man with a hoodie which covered his face entirely and a big rifle in his arm coming towards me.
It scared me.
I opened the car door and yelled to Rose:
-Quick, run!
The man began to run after us with his gun ready.
-Stop! His deep voice resounded behind us.
-We entered the forest, trying to hide behind the trees and the darkness.
-Stop! You fool!
I heard the noises of many steps and a roar. And then another shot, like an explosion in my head.
-Rose! I called, terrified. Are you OK?
Then I heard a sound I had never heard before—a painful, loud groan. And I felt that something big heavy, and warm fell down just behind me.
The man was now running with his gun towards me. Now I could see his concerned face.
-Are you OK? Why did you run towards the bear?
I looked back and saw an enormous Grizzly Bear dead a few inches behind the place I stood.
-I was trying to warn you about the bear, and then you began to run into the danger. This bear was about to kill you when I shot it. I don’t like to kill bears, but I didn’t have a chance.

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