Difficult romance

by | May 20, 2021 | fiction

-What a beautiful night, Queen! Let’s spent it together!
-Out here?
-Can you imagine a better place? The stars are sparkling above, and the city is sleeping at our feet. Nothing can disturb us, my love.
-You are irresistible, Mitch
-So, leave your roof and come to mine. We are three jumps away.
-Why don’t you come to me? I have better sights over the city.
-But you have to see how it looks the moon from here.
-OK! let’s do it, said both.
-You were right. What an incredible sight of the moon! But, where are you, Mitch?
-In your roof, Queen! I thought you would wait for me here. Gorgeous panoramic, by the way.
-Let’s try again, Mitch: together on the side of the moon or over the city sighting?
-I think the moon is more romantic.
-OK, then. Come here, my love.
A flying shoe interrupted the increasing meows with the dancing on the roofs and ruined the lovers’ night.
-Damn cats! Silence! Yelled the man who had launched the projectile against them. We are trying to sleep here!


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