Mark was scared. Tanya had called him to talk urgently in the middle of a working day, and she sounded very concerned. She had been acting a little strange lately, and he was afraid their incredible love story was going to plunge.

It was not fair. Mark had done everything in his power to make Tanya happy. But now, her mood was reflective, serious, and worried.

They had to work hard to pay the rent of their modest apartment because Mark had no money and couldn’t offer her an easy life. When they finally arrived home at night, they were exhausted.

Although she had called him, she wasn’t there. His heart dropped when he saw a note telling him that she had had to go unexpectedly to the office.

-“Check the fridge,” she wrote.

Mark was about to leave discouraged when he glanced towards the fridge and saw another note with a small picture.

-Congrats, daddy.! It’s a boy!

It was the echography of their first baby.


Mark couldn’t but jump and dance with joy in the middle of the street and show everybody how happy he was.

FFCftPP: week 21

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