About this blog

I originally opened this blog in April 2013 with the goal to tell good news in Spanish in this time of crisis and discouragement, but a month after I found myself with nothing to post. So a big failure. Maybe I’m depressed, maybe it was too much work, because I had then two other blogs: blognovic.com in which I posted comments about world news, my expertise in Journalism; and fromfivetofifty, a more literary one about my memories.

So I decided to use this space as my laboratory for other topics and always open to the original idea, if some day come the inspiration.

On July 2013 I decided to change the original title from the Spanish “Vivir, que no es poco”, “con la que nos ha caído encima” to the English  “Life is great”, “Despite its troubles” and switch languages. I’m publishing posts about many topics but I frequently write about Journalism and my memories as a reporter. I also post photographies and some pieces of short fiction.

More recently, in 2016, I opened another blog, in Spanish, brajnovic.online , devoted to the memory of my father, Luka Brajnović, a Croatian poet and writer who went to Spain and was a known Journalist and professor of many generation of journalists. He lived a very exciting life during and after de WWII before he settled in Spain. His students loved him. Several are contributors to my blog.

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