A Real Live Universal Compatible Translator


We have a lot of things and technologies to communicate but thousands of languages to misunderstand each other. I think each language is a precious cultural heritage to its people and humanity. But it is sad to go to another Country and be unable to talk and understand properly.

It would be a good thing to have some sort of  live universal translator we could take with us when we are walking out, talking with somebody, compatible with others, containing all the known languages, so we could understand everything immediately. And I’m not talking about a gizmo that would make us look at a screen to search for a text and a bad translation. I’m talking about something intuitive, instantaneous, able to give you the possibility to chat with another person in two languages without getting tired at the third sentence. Obviously, to make this work,  the other person have to have a compatible translator too. This way you will be able to talk, understand and listen at the same time the sounds and emotions of the languages of other people. Maybe is an old Idea. Maybe is on the go. Who knows!

Daily Prompt: The Next Big Thing.


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