Family, Faith and Freedom


Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

I have been lucky in life to build what I think is a consistent moral system to follow. I had at home the example of my parents, both of them with a deep faith in God they taught me from my childhood. And it wasn’t an empty or formal faith. It was something they made life in their lives so you could “see” it. Their life was based on faith, on extraordinary and hard experiences during the WWII and on a great sense of fidelity to each other. It’s so powerful, when you have an example to follow! That teach you more than a thousand books about morals.

They taught me to live according to the Gospel and the natural, human rights, to respect others and be free to make the right choices in my life. My father taught me to don’t be afraid of freedom with responsibility. Don’t be afraid of my potential mistakes. Act always according to my conscience. Say I’m sorry when I have to say it or ask for forgiveness when I have to. Be generous to forgive. Don’t do to others what I wouldn’t like others to do to me. Respect them and ask them to respect me. So, basic but useful.

Later on I learned from life and made up my own philosophical worldview and after some doubts on the way, I found out that was compatible with everything my parents taught me. I found no contradiction between my faith with that sense of freedom I learned, and my studies and professional activities. I think faith and science are simply in two different levels. People with faith are good scientists and professionals as well as people without faith as long as they are searching sincerely for the truth or the best in their field.

So, where do my morals come from? my family, my faith and my philosophical worldview based in a sense of freedom, because there is no contradiction for me among the three sources. How I deal with people who don’t share my moral points of view? With respect. And what I expect from them? the same respect.

Daily Prompt: Morality Play.

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