Dear Healthy Friend:

Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

ce2f4ddfe66953769b391f263fcb077eDear healthy friend:

I hope you know what you have and take good care of it. Your health is a precious treasure you enjoy every moment, don’t dilapidated it.

I envy you. You can do a lot of things I would like to do and I can’t.  You can command over your mind and your body without the pain, the tiredness that paralyzed you when you live chained to a sickness. You can easily get up in the morning and face a new day with strength and even hope.

Maybe you take all that little everyday things for granted. Well, don’t. Take care of yourself and your health. And please, try to understand the weak, the sick people. Don’t despise them as unworthy on the first try. Maybe they are only suffering, unable to do more.

Being sick is a disgrace but gives us experience and an ability for understanding other people sufferings. Enough to discover when a person is struggling with a handicap in this society of fiery competition. Maybe you, from your healthy point of view cannot see that. Don’t think the world is only a place for you and your pals. We also have a place. And we have a lot of things to contribute to enrich our society. We are doing so in silence.

That doesn’t change the fact I envy you for your health. I would like being like you, but with the experience and the understanding about suffering acquired in all this years.

And remember, take care


Life is Great

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