Helm is the new win (fiction)

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A new program called HELM (Highly Elemental Live Monitor) is the first private anti NSA surveillance system launched by a 15-year-old high school student that in fact can detect when someone is spying on your e-mail accounts, your social media book contacts or buddy lists or your phone calls. The program immediately detects the interference and notify the user by an instant message telling “Someone is monitoring your communication”. You have then three possibilities: “stop the communication”, “continue” or “show your disapproval in your own words”.

The boy, Kevin Adams, from Pennsylvania, developed the program working on-line with a pal from India whose name and age where not disclosed. Adams is hiding because what began as a game for him has turn in a nightmare: The NSA is after him, representatives of governments like the UK, Germany and France with similar surveillance programs are looking for him, China and Russia are willing to hire him and the US Internet industry is desperate to have the program, seeing in HELM a safe boat after all the damage in profits caused by the NSA scandal.

Adams was first detected and his program discovered by the NSA because most of his users began to choose the option “Show your disapproval in your own words” when they discovered someone was monitoring their communications. We are not going to reproduce the answers here for respect to our readers. But precisely these weird answers made the NSA analysts suspicious. An Investigation began until the source of the problem was found.

An officer who spoke under anonymity’s condition said that probably HELM did more harm to PRISM than Snowden’s revelations to the press. He also said the agency is not going to press charges against Adams who is a minor. On the contrary, the NSA want’s to know more about the program and probably hire the boy.

Human rights organisations and defenders of the right of privacy are asking the NSA to live alone the teenager and are planning in naming a prize on the freedom of speech after Adams and his unknown Indian friend.


I took my words from The Jittery Goat

Daily Prompt: ______ is the new ______.

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