To infinity and beyond

NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

Why would we get rid of the best sending it to infinity and beyond, like Buzz Lightyear would say? Better to keep it here on earth to enjoy it and leave it to the coming generations of humans than send it wandering through unknown constellations in search of probably non-existent aliens.

If they want to build the spacecraft anyway I wouldn’t pack in it original pieces like a sculpture or a painting but things that can go in a copy or a record, mostly books, (Maybe Tolkien) music (Gershwin? Prokofiev? Jazz?) and movies (old Buzz would probably go finally to infinity an beyond in a DVD along with others). For the rest expressions of culture, a good documentary about fine arts would do it. I don’t know. I’m not a critic to choose.

Besides, the modern culture expression I’m admiring most lately is not finished yet and would require an impossible spacecraft. Too big even for NASA engineers. A container 300 feet length, 200 feet with and 560 feet height. Millions of citizens would oppose to the move. It’s the Sagrada Familia or Holy Family basilica in Barcelona, designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi. A UNESCO world heritage site. A wonderful piece of art of modern architecture, with beautiful facades full of wonderful sculptures, with a stunning interior full of colour and light. A great place to pray for people with faith. No. definitively there’s no way to send the Sagrada Familia to space. It belongs here. The same architecture of the church helps your soul travel to infinity and beyond without leaving the earth.

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best.

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