Dear Angela, Dear Barack,

We all know someone who could use a pep talk… so write them one!

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

Dear Angela,

I now you’re angry and frustrated because the NSA has been listening to your calls since 2002. So many conversations with so many people you thought were private and now you know were monitored by American spies. What an embarrassment! But think again. You are a powerful woman. The most powerful woman in Europe. You just won big your third term in Germany. The rest of Europe is looking at you, listening to you. Obeying you. Now, with this scandal, you have something to put pressure over the US.  What more do you want? You lost some privacy but you gained a lot of power. So cheer up, smile and enjoy your power.

imageDear Barack,

It is true the NSA didn’t tell you they were listening Merkel’s calls?  You must be furious. But now you know. Spies are spies. they don’t trust anybody even the president. Maybe they are listening to YOUR calls because they can do it. One never knows with these guys. But remember:  YOU CAN! You can order them to report to you about what they are doing. You can! You can calm down Merkel and the Europeans somehow and continue doing business with them. You can! You can stop the spying on American citizens (and on innocent non-Americans). You can! You are the President of the United States of America, You can!

Note: I know they don’t need pep talks. I just confessed in a recent post my habit of seeing always the glass half empty. How would I write a real pep talk? Impossible. I need someone writing it to me.

Daily Prompt: Pep Rally.

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12 thoughts on “Dear Angela, Dear Barack,

  1. michaelulinedwards says:

    It was once said by an American cabinet officer after World War One, that the USA would not spy: “Gentlemen don’t read other gentleman’s mail.” Of course he was wrong. The rule is, “If you don’t read other gentleman’s mail, you can’t be a gentleman.”


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