Happy beginnings

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

No happy endings. I think I have no will power to quit something. My experience is more about happy beginnings and perseverance. My secret was try to never fall in a bad habit as a first measure. This way I never had to experience the pains of quitting. I’ve never smoked although both my parents were smokers. Maybe because of that I never had the curiosity to begin smoking. I’ve never drank much, because nobody in my family drank. I never have been in a diet because I didn’t need it. Which is a good thing because I don’t know what would become of me should I had been in a need to quit smoking or drinking or eating too much. I’ve heard stories of how difficult it is.

OK, I had to quit one thing: drinking wine and beers because of the medication I have to take. But that was easy because I was not addicted. Before that, I only drank in counted occasions, like special dinners, parties or outings with friends. I went cold turkey by necessity, and it went good. No problem.

Probably you’ll thinking: what a boring life!. Wrong. I had a lot of fun all those years.

The only thing I’m trying to do now is stop working late night. I’m used to work at night because of my years as a reporter for a daily newspaper. Now I would like to be more active at day hours and have a good sleep at night. But I keep working at night no matter how strong my resolutions are. I tried to go cold turkey with this, but is not working at all. Maybe is time to try the gradual change. I’ll consider it.

Daily Prompt: Happy Endings.


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17 thoughts on “Happy beginnings

  1. Lisa's Kansa Muse says:

    Very nice! I had to reduce my social drinking because of meds but like you since I was only a social drinker it was not problem.


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