Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

by | Mar 23, 2014 | daily prompt, Health, our life

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

When my Mom was 85, she surprised me one day asking me to buy for her some CD she had seen advertised to learn English. She already spoke Croatian, Spanish, German, Italian, and some French and Russian but she told me she realised English was the key language to communicate globally. She never lost her will to learn new things. Later on she wrote her memoir and worked in the writings my father left behind when he passed away. Now she is almost 94, has half body paralysed, but has developed the ability to do a lot of things with just one hand. She reads a lot. Everyday she applies with her free hand her lipstick and makes sure her hair is looking well. She ask me to bring her to the hair dresser every week. She wants to look nice and succeeds, so everybody thinks is at least 10 years younger.
I don’t know what would happen with me. Both my parents have aged with a lot of inner energy in spite of their illnesses and best of all, with full control of their minds. I would like to have the same inner strength till the end and I pray for it.

via Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.

via Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.


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