Respect for the music

It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?

I hate the habit of some Spanish TV anchors who while commenting on a live transmission of a solemn ceremony of any sort, begin to talk about obvious things just when the music starts, so you cannot enjoy the music part of the ceremony which is usually like a real concert, beautifully performed live. There is no respect for the music. You can see the images of the orchestra and choir and the soloists performing and hear something in the background, but you are forced to listen at the loud uninteresting comments, made only to fill with empty words the time devoted to the music. Annoying. And then, when the music finish they usually stop talking. There is no way to fix this problem. It’s a habit too established. They consider the music part of a ceremony as a parenthesis available to talk because there is no “action”, not as a constitutive part of the event.

I hate also when people do the same and start talking or making noises during a concert or a solemn ceremony You are trying to follow. I hate when in a concert hall somebody tries to unwrap a candy very slowly, supposedly to stop an access of cough, and annoys you both with the cough and with the never ending noise of the plastic wrap. Oh my!. What a desperation! You can stare in disapproval at the perpetrator, but there is on use. He or she would dissimulate, maybe stop the noise for a moment, only to restart the slow motion noisy unwrapping of the candy when you’re not watching.

There are other habits that drives me crazy but I was  in a music state of mind today.

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