An old sound

by | May 3, 2014 | daily prompt

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

I don’t miss the technology but I miss its sound.

I miss the sound of the typewriters in the newsroom. It created a noisy  atmosphere unforgettable, full of life, where it was easy for the journalists to communicate, share experiences and talk without worries. And then, when you had something to write you could easily isolate yourself and focus engulfed in all that noise.  I loved the noise of the wire machines and the bells that announced when a breaking news arrived. The whole room was aware that something big had just happened.

Computers brought silence and individualism to the newsroom and with that ruined the atmosphere. The technology is way better. You can have all you need on your desk, work faster than before, but the charm of the old noisy and chaotic newsrooms have been lost for ever. Nowadays newsrooms are great places but the log ones were special.

Going Obsolete.



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