New and Clean

by | Jul 17, 2014 | daily prompt

From the yeasty warmth of freshly baked bread to the clean, summery haze of lavender flowers, we all have favorite smells we find particularly comforting. What’s yours?

All things new and clean. For instance, the smell inside of a new car. I love it. I don’t know why, but it gives me security and of course, it reminds me how exciting is driving a brand new car. It tells me that everything will work properly and nothing will fail unexpectedly if I’m careful. Maybe I like it so much because my car is old and I miss that feeling.

In fact, love the smell of all kind of new machines and gizmos. I guess what I really love is to play with them.

There are a lot of good smells that I like.

I love the smell of the clean sheets, the smell of the mowed grass, the smell of the fresh breeze while I walk on the beach.

And looking backwards I love the smell of the apple strudel in the oven. It reminds me my happy childhood when we were all together.

Nosey Delights.



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