Nosy strangers

You’re about to enter a room full of strangers, where you will have exactly four minutes to tell a story that would convey who you really are. What’s your story?

Good afternoon. Who are you and why do you want to know all about me? I don’t like to speak about myself above all to total strangers. You should explain for what purpose are you interested in my life, so I could decide if I’m interested in give you or not some data or tell you a story. Otherwise you can go to the “about” page of my blog and have all the available public information about me.

I already gave you two valuable pieces of information: that I’m a private person and that I mistrust strangers who want to know all about me in four minutes without giving any plausible reason.

How about this? Once upon a time a woman who hated nosy strangers, even the virtual ones. One day she was waiting for her daily prompt to write a post for her blog when a bunch of strangers asked her to tell them a short story that would convey who she really was.
– Why would I do such a thing?
– Because we want to know all about you in four minutes. We want to know all about all the bloggers of the daily prompt in as less time as possible.
– Some special reason?
– Simple curiosity.
– Get out of here!
But they insisted and stayed. And she was alone in front of so many nosy strangers with no means to throw them out. So she decided to talk:
– One day I was working in the newsroom when a stranger appeared and began to ask me questions about my report. It was an exclusive, so I didn’t want to say a word about what I was writing. But he insisted. It was really annoying. I said clearly I was not going to tell him anything. But he began to try to look over my shoulder to read my computer screen and my notes. I got really angry. By no means he was going to discover about what was I writing my exclusive. I turned off the computer and tried to hide my notes, but he continued nosing around. Just then my photo reporter arrived to give me his pictures. He has no patience with those kind of people. When he realised what was happening, he took the stranger by the lapels and pushed him out of the room.
By the way, he’s on his way with his friends to see me. They are my guests this afternoon. So if you please leave before they arrive, would be the best for all.

Flash Talk.


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