Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today? (Didn’t have one? write about a non-imaginary friend you haven’t seen since childhood.)

I don’t remember having an imaginary friend, but my younger sister Ana had one. He had a name – Gomiguan- and he was pink, although he was invisible for everyone except for her. She had insisted to set a place on the table for him next to her for dinner and I don’t know how my mom accepted. I guess it was because Ana was the youngest in the house, her baby girl. Ana had big conversations with Gomiguan, and spent a lot of time playing with him.

I remember that my older sister was a little concerned with all that. She thought it was lasting too much.

One of those years, we received as a gift a kitty. My older sister had an idea and said to Ana, pointing to the little animal: Look! Gomiguan has become a cat. She looked a little confused for a few instants but soon began to run after the kitty, calling him Gomiguan!, Gomiguan!.

From that day my sister stopped talking to the air, began to play with the rest of us and there were no need of an extra place in the table for an invisible friend.


Imaginary Friend.

What do you think?

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