a-girl-and-her-bear– Nobody will hurt you again. I promise.
– (sobs)
– Don’t cry, Is not worth it
– It’s easy for you to say that. You’ve not been abandoned and betrayed like me today. He left me. Without an explanation.
– You’re young and pretty. And you dance magnificently. I can say that. Remember the nights we spent dancing together. You’re an artist. So sensible. So graceful. If he is gone is because he is a moron. You’ll meet a better man. You’ll see.
– But this is the tenth that leaves me without a word in a year. Am I a monster? Am I a leper? I’ll never go out with men again.
– What do you suggest? Staying for ever in this horrid room, looking at the window, and letting the time pass? Don’t be silly. Go for it!
– No. I’m done. I’m worthy for nothing. I would like to disappear. I don’t want to go anywhere. I feel silly and ridiculous. Here I’m, waiting for my prince charming and knowing that if someone shows up, he will flee like the others. I’m not going to endure the shame again.
– Don’t throw your future that way. You’re quite good at making friends. And you always will have me at your side.
– By the way, Won’t you mind to stay at home instead of insist on meet my boyfriends when they are getting serious? You kind of scare them.
– Grrr


Picture Prompt #1.


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    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      They are a bunch of cowards 🙂


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