Today I can’t follow the prompt because is awfully late over here in Europe. I have been the whole day busy with an important event. There is an award with my father’s name: the Brajnovic Award of Journalism for people with outstanding achievements in ethics and commitment. The known photojournalist James Nachtwey was awarded this year and today came here to receive the award and give a lecture in which he showed us some of his best photos. Was really impressive. After the lecture there were 45 minutes of questions and answers with students and photographers.

He has traveled around the world and documented terrible wars, conflicts and humanitarian disasters, enduring many risks, convinced that his images contribute to awake the public opinion consciousness towards the problems of people suffering in countries in conflict.

He did a job, years ago, during a famine in Somalia that was published in the magazine of the New York Times and  awaked the awareness about that disaster that was not known, and as a result it began a movement to help those people that saved 1.5 million lives.

He told us that a photo that captures the true nature of the war is a statement against it. the students asked about his feelings in those risky and highly emotional situations.

With all those experiences and all the pain reflected in his eyes I found a quiet man with a constant smile, extremely polite. An extraordinary man.

Third From the Top.

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