Oh! how difficult

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Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

Oh! how difficult is for me this prompt

Oddly enough, I’m trying to fulfil the challenge despite my poor English.
Obviously this will be a very short post.
Outside it’s cold but at least it’s not raining like these last days.
Only this is a small truce, because the forecast is more rain all the weekend.
Occasionally the clouds leave small patches of blue sky and the sun shines timidly.
Occupying the little park next to my home, dozens of children are playing.
On my computer, I’m trying to work and isolate myself from the noises.
Often is difficult to do so, like today, when the children have a free afternoon.
O.K.! They better be noisy. They’re healthy children, and they’re playing in front of their school.

street1 4-2015

Of all the colours of the spring I can’t chose one as my favourite. I love them all.
On this picture you can see some pink tones. I hope you’ll enjoy!

flower 4-2015

Fearful Symmetry.




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