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Fill In the Blank: Three people walk into a bar . . .


Three people walk into a bar. The place is empty. Instead of the usual loud music, the speakers are tuned with the morning news. There is a smell to cleaners and dust. The owner has barely opened the local’s door. He comes out lazily and bad humoured. It’s too soon for regular customers, he thinks. Usually he has time to clean up the place, warm the coffee machine, put the chairs in place and finish listening the news show before the first customer shows up. Early birds are actually drunks who didn’t go home at night and want to have one more drink at dawn. Sometimes troublemakers. He prefers the usual folks who come later to have a cup of coffee or to drink normally during the day and the evening.
– Good morning…
Before he can figure out what’s happening, the tallest man of the three leans over the counter and points him with a gun, the second one jumps the counter and grabs him by his arms and the third one closes the door.
– Give us everything you have in the cash register
– But…
– Now! or I’ll kill you!
– But…
He feels the barrel of the gun against his stomach. So he goes towards the cash register and opens it with his key. It’s empty.
The man with the gun looks at it with dropped jaw.
– What did you expect? I just opened. You are the first ones coming in.
– I told you it wasn’t a good idea, says the man at the door.
– Please, don’t hurt me!, says the owner.
– The man with the gun stares at the cash register, then at the bar owner, and then to his friends , puzzled.
– I need a drink, he concludes.
– OK. I have plenty of that. Put the gun down and I’ll give you whatever you want, says the owner with relief.
Three people go out with unsteady steps from a bar early in the morning. they are definitely drunks. They have had a long night, drinking and making plans for a perfect job, except it was not perfect, but stupid. At least had finished with another good drink, on the house

Fill In the Blank.


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