Playing with machines

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours? 

The care of my mother is taking most of my time every day, and I’m worried about her. Each day it’s more difficult. There is no much time to dedicate to other things. I know I have to keep an eye on my own health to be able to help her better. I rest in my daily prayer and I try to go three days a week to swim to do some exercise half an hour. But which really distracts me is to play with my electronic toys while She is sleeping and I have an hour or so of relative freedom. Then I take my iPad, my iPhone or my camera and I begin to experiment with new apps, explore new possibilities, try to learn new techniques. When my mom awakes I usually have something new to show her and make her have a good time.
I adore playing with electronic machines. My last acquisition is very simple: a Bluetooth bracelet that counts your steps, the calories you burn during the day walking, the distance you make, and controls the quality of your sleep. It works connected to your phone . I’m happy with my new device because I discovered how much excersice I’m doing with my daily errands. I’m always going walking since I can’t drive because of my illness. I’m a professional urban pedestrian. I discovered that in a day like today, I walk the equivalent to 8 kilometers (5 miles). Today was pretty intense. In an average day I walk nsome 5 kilometers or 6 kilometers (3, 3.7 miles) . That encouraged me a lot. Not what the device says about my sleep quality which is very poor.
I also enjoy fixing things. Today I managed to fix the tv remote for my mom and yesterday I did it with the cofee machine.


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